Paleo Diet

The paleolithic diet (also called paleo diet, caveman diet, rock years diet, hunter-gatherer diet, ancestral diet and primal diet), is using modern foods to (whenever you can) emulate the diet of your pre-agricultural ancestors. Hello! I've turned to a paleo diet and I am caring it. I am dowm 9 pounds in 3 weeks! I am actually amazed how easy the changeover has been except for one thing. I can't seem to give up the coffee. A lot more of a concern is that I cannot drink it without dairy and splenda. I've even attempted stevia. So, right now I am a paleo poser until I can give that up. Have you got any ideas of what I can change while I make an effort to ween myself from the sauce? Thank you.
Hey - fabulous post. I am so happy to see so many ardent people raving in regards to a diet that has changed my life. For all those dependent on diet coke, I've found that diet in conjunction with another devise has been truly amazing. Acne eliminated, high blood circulation pressure gone, no more acid reflux, forget about constipation, my skin area is GLOWING and I feel GREAT! Here's to a wholesome, happy life!
Why does the hunter-gatherer diet address such a large variety of health issues? Because all health issues, both emotional and physiological, have two primary roots - diet and environmental contaminants. When you take in garbage food that is not appropriate for your biochemistry and loaded with waste like pesticides, additives, and preservatives, it annihilates your organs and systems, which results in degradation of health.
But there's actually some disagreement over what that diet really looked like. The term Paleolithic identifies the early Rock Age, a time of hunting and gathering. Some experts have emphasized the hunting part, recommending that people eat a lot of meats. However, many anthropologists favor talking about our ancestors as gatherer-hunters because about two-thirds of the diet was flower based.
Eat Your Fruit and vegetables: Eat as many as much fresh or freezing vegetables as you want. Go organic and live it up. And don't be shy, these can be consumed raw or prepared, any way you enjoy! If you are enthusiastic about weight loss, you should limit your consumption of tubers due to high starch content. If you intend to eat these (see below), try to make certain that you aim for earlier in the day or prior to working out.paleolithic dog

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